46 thoughts on “5K Per Month Case Study

  1. One of the most informative 25 minute videos I have seen in a long time!! Many thanks. Particularly looking forward to the next one.

  2. Thanks Sarah for sharing that informational video with us. I am looking forward to you making more videos like this one something easy that will get faster results.

  3. This is Excellent stuff, I didn`t know about this, just being shown what you can do to make money fairly quickly.

    I have been involved in online marketing coming up to 4 years and apart from the money I have wasted in that time buying crap there are 2 programs I have invested in that has really helped me to move forward one is WA and the other is Sarah Staar,

    I am so grateful for the opportunity and look forward to the weeks months and years to come.


  4. Thank you so much, Sarah! This was the perfect message for me today. I love your authentic enthusiasm in helping us all move forward with having an impact and creating a successful life- Its what the world needs now! All the best

  5. Thanks Sarah , this is something I wanted to put together years ago but could not put the pieces together . This explains it very well

  6. My computer was on the fritz for the psst two days. This is the first video I watched when I returned.


    Please, please give us more like this. It is so very useful.

    As in all my sigs, and especially for you,

    I love you.

    Larry Winebrenner
    Miami Gardens, Florida USA

  7. Very good video Sarah, I really enjoyed it, and, more importantly, will apply it. Looking forward to your next video. Cheers, Ralph

  8. Thanks Sarah , first for admitting me into your subscribing community.
    Secondly, for the expertly presentation of seo video ranking process.
    As a newbie I believe your experience and impartation will lead to a successful online entrepreneur. I am to learn more from you.Bravo ,

  9. Sarah, We love what you DON’T say, as much as the clear and followable direction of your videos. Too many times I’ve paid for obsolete, wordy and unusable content that left me more confused than enlightened. Too often their message is to buy their next shiny thing, without giving value for what we just purchased.

    Thank you for being so real, concise, caring and helpful. Love from Heather Joy, USA

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