45 thoughts on “YouTube advertising – The different type of adverts”

  1. Very useful info. Working on free YouTube marketing at the moment and this is obviously the next logical step.
    Looking forward to what’s to come and hopefully how to actually do it.

  2. Once again Sarah teaching another Holy
    Grail, how to make money online,using
    It’s almost like the Angel has arrived again.
    Especially for me,I know very little about
    Internet marketing.
    Thank you,Sarah

  3. Wow, that’s a golden nugget right there! Never thought of advertising on youtube before, so will definitely be looking into that! Thanks 🙂

  4. Thank you so much Sahra, ive been trying for like ages on how to work this YouTube thing and you are starting to put fill in the gaps for me. Ive followed you in the past and kind of let you go to be honest. But thankfully i found you again and more than interested on your future video training than ever before. You are definitely growing in your passion now and learning yourself and passing these great tips to your followers and for that, im truly greatful. Looking so forward to the next update.

  5. Thanks Sarah – Great information on the “what” – can you do some on “how” please? Thanks for the case study.

  6. Thanks for making this video. But now Pls show me the real stuff. I want to know how to do it.- Anthony from mumbai? India.

  7. I appreciate your videos and emails. You almost sound like my ex but I do appreciate. Sorry not to engaged. You have very good information.


  8. A very interesting concept that I had no knowledge existed. Will be looking for more of you ideas on this as it looks very promising.
    Thanks Sara

  9. Another detailed and fabulously informative video thanks Sarah.
    Getting to the nitty gritty of what will work and why is perfect. Thanks. Danny


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