The Best Shopping Carts


Over the years I’ve purchased many software products to help with my business. Probably one of the most powerful piece of software
which I purchased has been the online shopping cart.

For some reason over the last couple of weeks I’ve had loads of people ask me which shopping cart I recommend.

So today I decided to make you a quick video all about shopping  carts.

WordPress Plugin for Embedding Videos – FREE

Sometimes I get software products developed just for my own use. One such product was my video embedding tool for WordPress.

I was getting sick and tired of having to go into the HTML code and insert my embed code every time I wanted to put videos on my site.

So I got a WordPress plug-in developed which massively simplifies the process of putting YouTube and Vimeo videos on any WordPress website.

This plug-in was developed purely for my own use and is not for sale but today I have decided to give everybody on my email list a free copy of this plug-in, no opt in needed.

I just made a quick video showing how to use the plugin,

Download Link For The Plugin >>>

Hope you find the plug-in useful, if you have any suggestions or improvements for my plugin please let me know.

Talk soon,