How to get free traffic and a page 1 listing in Google in 3 mins

Today I made a video revealing to incredible strategies.

1. How to get free traffic, do the work once and continue to get traffic for years to come

2. How to get page 1 listing in Google in under 3 minutes!!


Both of these traffic methods are ideal tasks to give an outsourcer. Watch the outsourcing webinar


11 thoughts on “How to get free traffic and a page 1 listing in Google in 3 mins”

    • Thanks a lot. For quite sometime I have not been able to visit face book due to some reasons but I am back now. Thanks for your reminders and remembering me.

  1. Thank you so much have u send me a email…but really i dont know what about …i have a think how to make money from internet but i dont know how to do

  2. Hello Sarah!!! Thanks a lot for sharing such great tutorials. I learned a lot today. I’m always happy to receive an email from you. Have a blessed day.

  3. Thanks Sarah your reallly are a star ! Amazing techniiques, Thanks for sharing
    Just wondering if this method works for local services, since warrior forum is for Internet Marketing type products.
    Any suggestions for promoting local plumber, electrician dentists etc etc and tipes appreciated.

    Thank You


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