25 thoughts on “The Facebook Hack”

  1. Wow that’s pretty Slick Sarah! I Love it! What a great way to get customers from Facebook groups! Glad that you mentioned not to be salesy with your video- it should provide valuable content that you can get interaction with-hence comments—COMMENTS ARE KEY! Especially with facebook. This is also a great list building idea as well. GREAT STUFF!

  2. Awesome, been thinking about how to get into groups without being a pain or outright ads which the members nor the administrator approves. With good reason. By the way, you said HIDE your initial video from your Facebook page. How is this done ? Sorry, newbie Thanks Kenny

  3. Really good information thanks Sarah. I never even thought about sharing to a group!

    I can see this could soon build quite a large custom audience of very targeted people.
    As long as the video is on point and not too long, I don’t see that the owner of the FB
    group would have too much to complain about as long as we’re not promoting anything
    in the video!

  4. Thanks for the information Sarah,,,
    “Knowledge Is Power Which Once Learnt, No One Can Take Away From You.
    But First, One Must Harness That Power And Take Action And Implement To
    Achieve The Desired Results”. (snowy mcgann)

  5. Thanks, Sarah. I have been wondering for a while how to approach FB groups in an effective way and this looks great. Be fab to see an example of how you would structure the videos as an example that we could adapt thanks.

  6. Just saw your 3 videos … very useful information for a real newbie …. I tried affiliate marketing a few years back with zero results. Your methods will help …. I hope …. thanks for the info.

    Also about 3 years ago I got your intro video series … but, unfortunately, my work load got to heavy got too heavy to go ahead with any marketing. I have time now and want to try again.


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