40 thoughts on “The real secret to online income”

    • I just purchased your Halloween promotion of affiliate formula-x.
      in the video what you covered is well broken down and chunked
      presumably in researching profitable markets you need to be very specific
      with regards to the size of markets worth going into such as in google
      Information overload is a bit concerning but I appreciate the fresh info
      and thanks for that.
      I would be useful to know what cost is incurred before you got a return back
      as I am on a very tight budget

  1. Sarah I get excited about the thought of making money with out breaking my back, your the best!but some Facebook groups are fraud bit not all.

  2. Hi Sarah
    Great info and discussion on the methodology interesting to keep up to date with marketing and the possible resources available
    All ways well informed Thank you

  3. Many thanks. Very, very useful. I love the no waffle, no preamble, straight to the point style of presentation. I’m often put off and give up with so many who take half an hour to get to the main point. P.s. Love your new hairstyle!!

  4. Hi Sarah Enjoy your training.
    Always need to be reminded of the basic stuff so this video was great as I tend to jump ahead of myself and don’t get the results I want.
    Traffic to Affiliate products would be a big help.
    Should you first get someone on your list by giving them a freebie before you promote to them?
    How do you find Buyers?
    The problem I have had with Solo Ads is that I get sign ups but they want the free stuff and are not buyers.
    Address any of those issues would be helpful.

  5. Many thanks. Very useful. I find this style of presentation beneficial — no preamble, no waffle, straight to the main point. I’m so often put off by some (quite a lot!) who take half an hour to get the the main point. This is excellent, no nonsense stuff.

  6. Brilliant, as usual, Sarah…
    Always Spot-on. Love your presentation.
    So Authentic and filled with Experiential Knowledge!

  7. Great for people with the knowledge and money to start. Not so great for people with little funds to get on the first rung. I need baby steps to start earning I want to dive in the pool from the side not the top board and drown.

  8. Thoroughly enjoyed the Video Sarah. Despite a few knocks recently, I am still interested in getting going with this and look forward to part 2 of this series in due course.

  9. Like the video, very much, I liked how you broke it down the information step by step, I can tell you want everyone to be successful. Looking forward to the next video…Thank you

  10. Thank you Sarah for a well presented video. The acronym WWH makes it pretty easy for us to focus on what’s key to be successful as an internet marketing entrepreneur.

  11. Thank you Sarah, your videos just opened my mind for online business. I recently opened a website but did not know that I need to be initiate business traffic. However, I have an idea on how to get started but will go through more of your videos to avoid making mistakes. I hope to find my footing with the internet and get somewhere with the help from your videos.

    I am also trying to establish a logo to express my originality. I hope one of your videos will cover the logo issue for identity purpose.


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