18 thoughts on “The secret to online traffic”

  1. If you’re not doing live events in France because of internet speeds, you should look a 4grouters.you can get them from Bouygues orSFR . If you can get a 4g signal on your phone, they should work. Speeds of 30 and more. I brought mine with me to hospital and it works fine.

  2. Thanks Pearson Brown
    We actually looked into this and borrowed special machine which had 4 mobile phone sim cards in it… It even had an external aerial which we put outside.

    However I did not work because we barely get a mobile phone reception here.

  3. Sarah I must agree about the facebook groups. If you start it as a page and get a following you can advertise to those people who follow your page and their friends. Then you can remarket to those people thru similar audiences who have responded to your ads. Very popular and effective with CPA offers on facebook that could make you quite a bit of money. What’s even better is then the CPA networks see the amount of traffic you are sending to your offers they will recommend other offers you can promote on facebook. A Win Win for $ure!!


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